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        Welcome! My name is Suzie Raney. I started off as an avid Star Trek fan and memorabilia collector with a very limited budget! I was always looking for ways to stretch my money, and one method was that whenever I went to a yard sale or second hand store and saw an item that I already had, if it was at a good price, I'd buy it and use it to trade with friends & mail order companies for items that I didn't have! After a few years I had enough duplicate items to set up a dealer's table at local conventions and start my own part time mail order business. Then, as now, the majority of any profit I make goes towards buying more goodies for my own personal collection!

        My first mail order catalog was created in November 1984. My only advertising was in the classified sections of Starlog Magazine and Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine, and not very often. (Spending money on advertising cut into my shopping budget!) I first went on-line in the middle of 1998 with the '5Mb Free' that I got when I signed up with my first ISP. It had a modest 'Welcome' page and a link to download my catalog in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

        Some time in the year 1999 I realized that I had collected pretty much every Star Trek item made! About all that was left were some of the really expensive items that I couldn't afford, such as screen used props. I realized that for me at least, a lot of the fun was in the collecting itself: finding that really rare item, or finding an item at a super low price. I still enjoyed my collection but some of the fun was gone, especially since I only had room to display about 20% of what I owned! The rest were safely packed away but I never saw them. I finally decided to sell off most of my collection, only keeping the items that I really liked and had room to display, and I figured that if I was going to do that I might as well get my own website as well, and that's how StarTrekGoodies.com got started! (In 2020 I changed my name to SciFiGoodies as CBS continues to crack down on anyone using the name "Star Trek" without their permission.)

        Then, in 2000, Enterprise was born! It only took a few episodes for me to fall in love with it. It gave me a whole new look into the Star Trek universe with the first Warp 5 Starship and a brand new crew on their first deep space missions. It also gave me a whole new universe of collectibles to add to my collection! I managed to meet one of the crew members and he introduced me to a lot of others who were willing to sell many of their Scripts, Cast and Crew gift items and Props. And again I started getting duplicate items to sell! I also opened an eBay Store to sell on besides this website, (check me out under the user name of "surane"), and I also started selling collectibles on Etsy and new stuff on CafĂ© Press! Here's the links to them but don't forget to come back here!

For my eBay Store: https://www.ebay.com/str/startrekgoodies
For Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StarTrekGoodies
And for Cafe Press: https://www.cafepress.com/startrekgoodies

        I hope I haven't bored you to death (If I did then you can't buy anything from me & I won't be able to buy anything new for myself!). I currently have a husband, 5 cats, 1 dog & an outdoor fish pond to keep me busy, but I try very hard to answer all e-mail within 12 hours and send out all orders the next business days. As long as Star Trek exists in one form or another, I'll continue to be an avid fan & collector!

Thank you for your interest, now go do some shopping already! There are some new Star Trek Toys out there that I haven't bought yet ...

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